What does our sugar babes service offer

We provide fresh, captivating dinner dates and travel companions, friendly and warm: Confident, educated career girls, smart fashion models, vivacious Instagram girls, beautiful starlets and actresses, gorgeous, successful female entrepreneurs and CEOs, first class & private jet flight attendants (cabin crew) and super-yacht stewardesses, intelligent beauty queens and high class college girls. To have access to a wider range of our model sugar babes, just join us as a Member and be delighted. For regular high class GFE sugar babes companions, contact us today to be introduced to an angel.

Some other kinds of  services we introduce are enchanting chef sugar babes, academic sugar babes, or other professionals, who are stunning, successful and exceptional women. Any hardworking woman passionate about what she does, whose looks and personality are exceptional, are welcome. These gorgeous, educated ladies are available for introductions to members and non-members by appointment only. The high-class sugar babes ladies are exclusively available for those cultured gentlemen who know the difference and appreciate luxury entertainment and company. Rather than just high end women, sugar babes we provide sweet, friendly girls who just love to meet new people ad make others happy.

We don’t provide for last-minute calls, and we prefer a day or more notice for the sugar babes’ models to be able to arrange a day off from their day jobs. Please also don’t list all the “services” you wish to receive, or it’ll be understood that you’ve missed the point of inviting a high-end sugar babes’ woman for an exceptional date. What the natural flow of a pleasant meeting leads you and your beautiful model to, is entirely between the two of you, like any other woman you invite on a date.

The anticipation of meeting is half the fun of dating at the higher end of the scale. We aren’t elitist, but we do strictly limit our beautiful, intelligent model sugar babes  and GFE travel companions to the most appropriate, considerate and polite callers. These ladies aren’t available to just anyone. This is what keeps them fresh and feminine. No robotic or ‘experienced’ types here! They don’t meet hundreds of men a year. Contact us for information and options.

What Are The Elite sugar babes ladies Like?

Our ladies are all lovely – we hire selectively – and we tailor-make your date to suit your preferences. They are all beautiful in their own way, and everyone has a different idea of what beauty is, so we’re bound to have a friendly sugar babes to suit you.

Warm, funny and intelligent, different models have different strengths and flaws of course. Likewise, different callers have very different preferences. The selection of model travel sugar babes and high class GFE companions we introduce to you are specially chosen to suit you, to ensure your experience is all you hope for and more.
We’ll never just send any  sugar babes we can find, and we don’t work with just any women who apply. We’ve selected only the most warm, pleasant and lovely individuals to represent us, and to connect with you.

Mediocre experiences are not what we’re interested in providing. All our high class, accomplished GFE sugar babes  ladies must possess the minimum requirements of exquisite beauty & fitness, and a warm loving nature, as well as poise, manners, elegance and natural skill. There are no haughty attitudes, illicit substance use, or questionable conduct & presentation. All our talent, whether career women, models, actresses or performers are hired for their superb quality.

The ladies we work with must have a quality education, practice excellent hygiene, and have elite social skills, not just a pretty face. They’re expected to be fluent in English, and of course in their native language, should English be their second language. All our escort beauties practice upscale manners, offering fresh femininity and a sensuous, poised presence. Our models range from early 20’s to late 30’s, and can accommodate you to any occasion.

We personally interview, assess, select and develop all of our adorable, beautiful ladies. The
The billionaires Play Ground Companions experience is intended to be pleasant, special and mutually memorable. We don’t accept applications from long time career sugar babes covered in tattoos, or with multiple piercings. Drug use is absolutely prohibited

Model Talent Photos & VIP Membership

We provide real photos & sometimes video, with genuine information, to make your selection easy. The Travel Companion Members are afforded exclusive access to the agency talent who are available for invitation. Non Members can still be introduced to beautiful women, however our top talent are not available to them.

To discuss meeting someone, please We’ll take you through a brief set of questions to ensure the most suitable model escorts are available, from which you can choose your dream dates.

Whether for the day, evening, weekend or as long as you need (subject to availability). Our billing for credit cards and bank transfers is very discreet, and all experiences are 100% safe and socially responsible.

Gentlemanly Conduct

** Please approach in a responsible and gentlemanly way, as we simply do not do business with lower quality or ill-mannered individuals, regardless of your net worth. Please don’t become highly intoxicated during your time with your companion, nor speak to her or treat her with anything other than absolute respect. She’ll certainly leave at any point if she’s feeling uncomfortable or disrespected. Our club is a service for cultured gentlemen. SUGAR DADDIES

Our introductions are intended to be mutually enjoyable, for genuinely high quality people only. Please also ensure your hygiene is excellent, as our models will shy away from inappropriate presentation. Remember to shave – most ladies don’t consider a sanding-down an appealing part of the goodnight kiss!